Company Profile

Founded in December 2017, JIAYUE Group is mainly engaged in energy&petrochemicals, ferrous metals, agricultural products, and other commodity industries, providing modern industrial services with financial ideas for both upstream and downstream clients. The company holds strong research and investment abilities, refined management system, solid industrial channels, rich financial experience and a global industrial chain vision. The company aims to make full use of financial instruments and create more value for customers with the leading core business.

Company Structure

Company Culture

The core values of JiaYue are the company advancing with The Times,growing up with employees together and developing in common with clients.

Excellent industrial service and personnel training have achieved each other. The idea of “putting people first” has always been essence of culture by JiaYue.

Never forget why we started, and the JiaYue mission can be accomplished.

A thousand journey is started by taking the first step.

Company Conduct

Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. Five word maxim as“stern,unswerving,credit,accommodate,diligent”should be sticking to encourage ourselves.

Team Demeanor

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