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JIAYUE Group will always adhere to the enterprise culture of “keeping integrity and exploring source; seeking harmony and pursuing innovation; and sticking to people orientation for co-existence and win-win cooperation.”. Committed to adapting to economic system reform and industrial transformation & upgrading as well as other requirements of era development, the company will advance with the times, be aggressive and foster innovation; Rooted in the industry, it is able to assist in industrial upgrading. In the meanwhile, JIAYUE Group will make efforts to create a humanistic environment, focus on human-based management, strengthen the stimulation of employees’ potential, build “Elite Teams” with exploration and innovation awareness and teamwork spirit, accelerate the enhancement of its business capacity and competitiveness, and always maintain the heart of “Geniality Minds & Kind to Worlds” to step forward to the goal of becoming a modern industry service provider with the to lead core business as well as to make full use of financial instruments. In the future, the company will definitely honor the principle of “gratitude for favors received”, actively make contributions and give back to the society with our strength.


JIAYUE Group focuses on team construction and talent cultivation, firmly believing that talents are the most invaluable core resource of the company. With the company management model of Small Leader & Big Team, it is able to make a great achievement for both the future of the company and the development of the employees.
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Add:Floor 30, Wanyin International, Jianggan District, Hangzhou City



Add:Floor 30, Wanyin International, Jianggan District, Hangzhou City

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