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Plasticizing Department

The plasticizing department is one of the mainstays of the group. Depending on its existing industrial qualifications and channels accumulated in the plasticizing industry, the department combines the group’s strong investment and research abilities, making use of its unique and abundant financial means to focus on bulk commodity trade, such as PE, PP, PVC, MA and UR, and supplementary services in the industrial chain, including finance, logistics and technology. It is devoted to becoming a mainstream service platform in China’s plasticizing industry chain. At present, the plasticizing department has established good long-term strategic partnerships with multiple domestic upstream petroleum plants, foreign petroleum plants and major companies such as National Coal and Baofeng. It has excellent domestic and foreign plasticizing trade channels. In terms of the business terminal, its products and services cover plasticizing distribution locations in North, South and East China. The business types cover traditional distribution, import and export, and transit. The downstream direct supply ratio is more than 70%. In terms of the financial service, it proficiently uses futures to conduct hedging, flexibly applies share options, participates in first order transaction of PP mutual exchange in the Dalian Commodity Exchange, and has excellent ideas in the financial service industry.


Steel Department

The steel department is based on steel and steel materials. By combining this with financial means, it has gradually become a modern service provider in the steel industrial chain with diversified development modes, such as the traditional trade, basis trade, supply chain trade, distribution service and industry investment. Its business includes bulk commodity trade, such as iron mining, coking coal, coke, thread, strip steel and billets. By flexibly using hedging methods, such as cash commodities, futures, share options and changeovers, it realizes interest arbitrage models, such as differences in price, basis, and variety, as well as internal and external differences, forming a stable profit-making mode. Its business continues to extend to upstream mines and downstream steel factories, serving the industrial chain with financial hedging ideas, and striving to build concrete influence within the industry.


Polyester Department

The polyester department takes polyester industry servers with global viewpoints as its development orientation. It is devoted to providing industrial chain services of PTA and MEG. The partners of the polyester department include famous upstream and downstream enterprises and traders in the polyester industry, and it maintains long-term friendly cooperation with upstream petroleum plants. Its downstream customers are mainly located in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang Region. While deeply exploring the industry channel, the department exerts its investment and research abilities in the industry, serving spot trade through financial tools such as futures, share options and changeovers, and striving to maintain core competitiveness in the polyester field.


New Product Department

The new product department aims to make full use of the accurate research judgments of its big data platform and the group, actively seeking valuable new potential varieties, and serves as a pioneer to help the company extend in a variety of industries and expand its development size. The new product department, as an incubator for new product varieties, has incubated and continues to incubate a range of new product types, including cotton, pitch, pulp and fuel oil, through its strong research ability and mastery of financial tools. By conducting in-depth investigation of the place of production, accurately analyzing market contradictions and constructing advanced transaction idea, the department realizes the objective of taking new products from zero to existence, from quantitative to qualitative change.


Rubber Department

The rubber department is committed to becoming an excellent industrial chain service provider through the three modes of industry research, spot transactions and futures trading. So far, the company has maintained good cooperative relationships with famous upstream and downstream producers and traders both at home and abroad, such as WZ Outai. Depending on the international platforms of JiaYue Singapore and JiaYou Hong Kong, it plans moves into the international ranks soon. The department takes industrial chain service as its orientation. On the basis of continuing to grow and strengthen the natural rubber trade, it insists on close cooperation with clients in the rubber industrial chain, continuing to extend its business to both the upstream and downstream ends of the industrial chain, striving to perfect the chain structure of the natural rubber industry.


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