It is a principle for a career to make good use of the advantages and bypass the disadvantages. A wise man will not only use his good points but also learn others strengths.

Our mission:create value for our compatriots.


Recognize positioning and seize core businesses

Positioning of JIAYUE Group: an industrial service provider, with a vision of global layout, a core of trading and an orientation of multiple industry chains, that is able to make full use of financial instruments and create value for both upstream and downstream clients of the industry chains.

Core Strengths

Excellent talents and a complete talent management system are always the key of a long-lasting enterprise. Due to the awareness of this point, JIAYUE Group never ceases its effort in talent attraction and cultivation. Thus, JIAYUE Group forms the core talent advantages and makes a good use of this to enable everything in ready and map out strategies in the big environment.


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